Arpette 2019/2020 snow

The 2019/2020 snow is here!


The 2019/2020 Ski Season is about to start and the snow is already here!

Here is the the countdown to to the opening of Les Arcs for 2019:


Les Arcs opens from December 14th 2019 through to April 25th 2020 and we are all very excited.

This photo was recently taken from the Les Arcs live webcams and is a stunning view of Arpette (click on the image to enlarge).

Arpette Banner

If you are interested the Les Arcs website now enables you to select a view from Mont Blanc, Arcabulle, Arpette, Le Slalom, Grizzy, Aec 1950, the Snow Park or Vanoise. You can even compare the view to different dates and times - Very cool!

Here are a couple of examples where we could compare before and after the snow and even night and day in the 1950 Village! Well done Les Arcs


Arpette compare

1950 Village:

1950 compare

We would also check out the deals page on Les Arcs as there is the upcoming 2019 Les Arcs Film Festival, the Magic of Christmas, Weekend deals and Spring 2020 Ski Pass deals - well worth a look. We'll be covering some of the activities you can look forward to this upcoming season on our own Articles page, so please watch this space.

If you are looking ahead to plan your days out on the slopes then you can download the latest piste map here.

But don't forget you can see the live map with the current status of all the trials here

And one last thing, don't forget to download the YUGE mobile app!

Yuge 1
Yuge 2
Yuge 3
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So here's to a fantastic 2019/2020 ski season on the snowy slopes of Les Arcs and we look forward to all the adventures it will surely bring!

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