Do you dare to take on the Waterslide?


It looks simple enough, right?  But do you dare to take on the waterslide?  They make it look so simple...  

The objective is to get across the pool of water without getting wet.  You'll be a star regardless of whether you successfully make it all the way across or if you fail and splash out halfway.  Either way, you'll be cheered with rapturous applause.

This particular waterslide is situated in Les Arcs, Bourg Saint Maurice, Savoie in France.  You can find it just above Arc 1800 and Arc 1600, between the Freestyle Snow Park and the Arpette chair lift.  On your way down after the Arpette, head towards the left of the snowpark and follow the signs to the water slide.

Note that the water slide might not always be open as it shares the same area with the "Big Air Bag".

What's the key to getting across?

Well, the trick is simple; its to do the one thing we are all taught not to do on our skis - lean back! So long as the tips of your skis or snowboard are out of the water, you will glide across.  Combine this with enough speed, you'll make it! Then you'll want to do it over and over and over again.

This short YouTube video by Noémie Hordies, shows the complete journey up to the top of the waterslide slope and then down to finally glide across the water with ease.


And just for fun, here are some wins and fails courtesy of GetYaBallsOutAndFly.

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